Wednesday, April 8, 2009

006.LabVIEW Short Cut Keys - for Windows OS UserS

Just have a glance of the LabVIEW short cut keys.
Though There are many shortcuts are being used in LabVIEW programmers community,here i listed few basic functions for the Beginners.

Align Items - Ctrl+shift+A
All Windows - Ctrl+shift+W
Change to Run Mode - Ctrl+M
Class Browser - Ctlr+shift+B
Copy - Ctrl+C
Create new VI - Ctrl+N
Cut Ctrl+X
Distribute Items - Ctrl+D
Enable Diagram Grid Alignment - Ctrl+#
Error List - Ctrl+L
Exit LabVIEW - Ctrl+Q
Find and replace - Ctrl+F
Full Size - Ctrl+/
Navigation Windows - Ctrl+shift+N
Open Project - OAlt+F E
Open VI - Ctrl+O
Page Setup - Alt+F T
Paste - Ctrl+V
Print Window - Ctrl+P
Redo - Ctrl+shift+Z
Remove Broken Wires - Ctrl+B
RUN - Ctrl+R
Save - Ctrl+S
Save all open VI - Ctrl+shift +S
Save All - Ctrl+Shift+S
Save VI as .. - Alt+F+A
Search the Labview Help - Ctrl+?
Select All - Ctrl+A
Show Context Help - Ctrl+H
Show Front Panel - Ctrl+E
Step Into - Ctrl+Down
Step Over - Ctrl+Right
Tile Left and Right - Ctrl+T
Undo Window Size - Ctrl+Z
Step Out - Ctrl+Up
VI properties - Ctrl+I
VI Revision History - Ctrl+Y

Hava a nice time and Enjoy the LabVIEW!

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