Thursday, November 6, 2008

001.Why i like LabVIEW?

Hello Friends,

From here onwards i'm going to share my experinces with LabVIEW from the early days when i heard about it.

What i'm thinking about the Taditional text based Languages?

Keeping on eye in Traditional text based languages and practicing them are somewhat boring,tired and hard to stick with them in long time.
in the day today fast life, we need everything fast,tidy and easy way to find out the solutions for any problems.

When i'm using a text based language, the time consumption is more and more and it was very difficult to troubleshoot my codings.
(Some times even an expert also getting confused while he debugs my codes.And as usual finally the codes are gone to garbage).

From my mistakes i give up with the text based traditional languages and after some time i came to know that due to the lack of modularity and lack of interst in the working style i'm keep on failing!

Why my most of the hardworks and times has to go as a Garbage?

This is the question that arises in my mind whenever i taste the failures.
And the most important thing is that it will affect your appraisal very badly as well.

Why i need a change in text based tools?

No interst in text based language at all..:)
Not much graphical usage used
difficult to troublshoot

Thinking to change the career:-

when i'm having a mood wanted to change my same boring work,that time i came to know LabVIEW through the Job Advertisement stating "LabVIEW Professionals" needed!

Thinking of LabVIEW

I started thinking of LabVIEW and enquiring about it with my friends and putting my time in internet to know more about it.
The texture,the flow,the standardization,the tailor made solution,the simplicity,the intersting factors, the tutorials,the help incorporated and the time consumption in learning and implementing.......etc they are the facts which suits my need and interst!

They are amazing........becoz i like all the features.

LabVIEW is the first language which i started loving it........before learning that!!

we will see in the coming posts regarding my learning curve with LabVIEW ,how i'm implementing in my work and what are all the problems i encountered..

Post your comments if you are also a LabVIEW lover...!!


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