Friday, November 7, 2008

002.Pre-requisites to become LabVIEW'er...

Hi Friends,

Here i'm going to tell you what are the pre-requisites needed to become a good basic LabVIEW programmer.

1. Interest. :)
2.Nothing else.

Usually one of my friends says to others regarding LabVIEW is that " LabVIEW is like a MS Office". It has many interesting and hidden features incorporated within it.If you do practice more you will become familiar with it.
The more you spend time with it the more you learn it.

Cool..Isn't it. onwards i'm going to teach you LabVIEW step by step.I'm going to share with you of my findings,shortcuts,the way i learned (still learning!) some documents..etc.

I assume you are little strong with MS Office and having good sense of drawing the flow charts.

I think you remember when you started learning english you must be read about the parts of speech which gives you the best understanding of the sentences.

You must know the parts of speech so that you will be able to construct any meaninful sentence.

the same way you can also apply for LabVIEW as well.

The parts of LabVIEW is same like traditional text based languages and few more and remember always it is easier than them.

Cool...We will see in the next lesson.


தமிழ்நெஞ்சம் said...

Hi. Thanks Dear Dude

ஜுர்கேன் க்ருகேர் said...

//Hi. Thanks Dear Dude//

Thanks for the encouraging Mr.Tamilnenjam.